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Death is a bitter part of life. No one stays by our side forever; our grandparents leave us, and then our parents. When the people we love suddenly vanish, we normally begin to feel a gap in our world. Death often brings with it a great feeling of emptiness.


Coping with death might be the most difficult challenge that any of us can face. When we start to feel alone and broken, it seems like our world has ended. Here are some ways to cope with grief when the loss feels like too much.


1- Talk To Someone

You can’t keep your grief inside of you. Talk about it so that it isn’t so heavy. Find a close family member or friend who is willing to listen, and vent about what you are feeling. Finding support in the right people will bring you relief.


2- Don’t Be Harsh On Yourself

Some people think that they should be finished grieving after an amount of time. This is not true. Every person is different, and for some people, grief might drag on for years. 

You lost a person who was important to you, who remains in your fondest memories. If you’re still crying one or two years after their death, it’s normal. Allow yourself to feel.


3- Seek New Scenery

If your mother or spouse has died, it might not help to lock yourself the house you shared with them. Allow yourself time off to see new places; spend the summer with a friend or sibling. You’ll still grieve in this new place, but at least you won’t be alone with reminders of what you lost. There is comfort for those who seek it.


4- Exercise

Make a habit of running daily to express your negative feelings in a way that will help shed them. Running helps encourage positive emotions. Cry while you run, if you need to–as long as it helps to vent your pain.



Though there is no way to escape death, there are methods for coping with loss that are healthy and effective. Be gentle with your emotions, but don’t let them destroy you.