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Learning to increase productivity at work, whether in the office or from home, is a top priority for both employers and employees. An important part of increased productivity is the ability to stay focused on tasks and to complete them in a timely fashion. Fortunately, there are a variety of methods that can be implemented to help you structure your days and stay focused. Implementing these various techniques into your workday can have astoundingly positive results.


One of the most helpful techniques for staying focused is to make a specific plan for your workday. Whether you make your plan the night before or the morning of, it will give much-needed structure to your day and will increase your output. You will have a blueprint for how you would like your day to flow. Identifying three precise daily goals and writing them at the top of your plan can help you stay focused on their completion, while simultaneously not being an overwhelming number of activities to work on. Procrastination is often the enemy of productivity and focus, so addressing and completing the most dreaded tasks early in the day allows you to move beyond them. Avoiding wasting time on tasks such as answering emails or scrolling through the company website is important, and your daily to-do list in the form of an action plan will help you to spend your time more productively.


Beware the trap of multitasking. While people may claim to be excellent multitaskers, the reality is that most people do best when they focus on one type of task at a time. For that reason, it can be very helpful to group like tasks together in specific chunks of time when you are making your daily schedule. For example, make all your telephone calls in a certain allotted timeframe, instead of sporadically spacing them throughout the day. 90 minute blocks of time are considered best for productivity, so it makes sense to divide your time into 90 minute blocks of uninterrupted flow, during which you can solely focus on one task.


Finally, remember to take breaks throughout your workday. It is impossible to be constantly productive and focused all the time, and small breaks will give your brain and body time to rest and reset so that you can continue on better than ever.